Best Places about Medan Culinary That You Need to Visit

It is not a secret anymore that Medan is a city with a lot of different ethnic and culture. As the result, there are a lot of culinary about Medan that you might like. If you are in Medan and you are looking for the best culinary on this big city, there are some nice places that you can visit. If you want to find the best ones, here are some of those places where you can enjoy the tasty culinary while you are in Medan.

  • The first one is Ring Road Medan. This place is considered as the heaven for those who love to eat. That is because there are a lot of different food stalls where you can enjoy the tasty cuisines that you will love to have. If you are visiting the Ring Road Medan, you should try the Kerang Rebus Sumatra, Sumatran Shells Soup. This one is considered as the most favorite place where you can get the tasty shells with the tasty soup.
  • The second one is Warkop Elizabeth. Warkop in Indonesia stands for Warung Kopi, the traditional coffee shop. To fit the need of the modern people in Medan, the menus that you can find on this coffee shop have been modified into the modern style. However, the overall concept of this coffee shop is still considerably classic and traditional enough so that you will love to sip your coffee on this traditional coffee shop.
  • The next Medan culinary travel spot that you need to try is TehSusuTelor, the milky egg tea. As the name implies, this place offers you the tasty and healthy drink that consist of tea, milk, and egg. This kind of drink is something great that you need to take after the hard days work in Medan. Because of that reason too, this place opens only at night. Therefore, if you want to try this drink, you need to visit this place that is located in Amaliun Street at night.
  • The last one is Al Fresco Satay. This place is one of the best places where you can taste the amazing taste of satay in Medan. That is because the meat is so juicy and the taste is amazing. As an addition to that, the serving of this satay is very unique because the satay is served with the spicy cassava chips. This is not something that you will find in many other cities in Indonesia. Therefore, if you love satay and spicy foods, you will need to try this Al Fresco Satay if you are visiting Medan.


Those are some of the best places where you can simply enjoy the Medan culinary. For your information, all of those places offer you the unique and distinctive taste even though the menu is similar. Therefore, if you love one of the culinary from one of those names mentioned above, you might also want to try some other names above. That will be a nice culinary trip to have in Medan.

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