An Awesome Jersey Maker to Customize Jersey for Futsal

Each year, the world keep on changing rapidly. This rapid development create a fast-paced lifestyle for human. With this lifestyle, the work pressures are increasing because every employer want perfect results achieved in the most effective and efficient ways. This demand has caused bad eating habit and stress to be more common among people. This unhealthy lifestyle leads to increasing prevalence of cardiovascular diseases and obesity. To maintain your health despite all the hectic works, pollution, and junk foods, exercising is the best option. There are a lot of type of exercise, from simple jogging in the morning to game sports like basketball and soccer. Recently, a lot of offices have created sport teams consist of their workers as the members to promote healthy lifestyle. One of the most popular team is futsal team. This kind of team usually play during weekends for fun. However, some of them actually go to tournament, from small tournament between departments of the office or even the semi-professional one.

It is important for a team to have their own jersey design to distinguish themselves from other teams. For those living in Philippines and planning to create team jerseys, you can go to is a jersey maker located in Makati City, Philippines. You can customize jersey for your team with affordable price. It offers two type of materials for your jersey. The characteristics of each materials are described below:

  • Microfiber: made from mix of nylon, spandex, and polyester. It is porous and soft, giving a cool sensation despite a hot weather. It has matte color, and it is slightly thick. It is also flexible and fit your body shape.
  • Hivetex: made from polyester. The characteristic is mostly similar with microfiber, but hivetex is lighter than microfiber and the pores are smaller, thus it presents the design better than microfiber, but the price is more expensive.

The steps to order in is very easy. First, download the template provided by on their website. Then, using Photoshop or other image editing programs, place your jersey designe on the template. Save your design in jpeg format and upload it on dropbox or any cloud online services. After that, visit their website and click Order Now. does not have any minimum order, so you can still order even if the quantity is not that much. You can get further details by visiting their website or contacting them on or 09054800160.

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