How Can I Get The Rustic Look At Home?

The rustic look is one of the most popular styles when designing a house. It’s no wonder why – this look gives your house a warming and welcoming feeling. It encapsulates the classic country look and is the perfect mix between modern and vintage. So, if you too love this look, Luxury Flooring & Furnishingshave provided some tips for getting the rustic look in your home.


Stay Natural

The rustic look is symbolic of nature, and because of this, you need to use natural materials wherever possible. The rustic look uses this natural material to bring textures and a rougher look to the design, which can include flooring, wood furniture, plants and stone walls. If some of these materials are a bit out of budget for you, there is always the possibility of getting replicas that look like the real thing. Floors are no exception; you can find vinyl floors that look like wood or even stone.

Earthy Colours


Looking for colours that go with the rustic style tends to be quite easy as you need to go for earthy colours, which are quite easy to match and give plenty of possibilities thanks to their shades. You need to work with brown palettes and optionally add some green or yellow touches to your taste. Lighter floors work better with darker and distressed furniture, but on the other hand,darker floorsoffer warmth and cosiness that is perfect for a country atmosphere. However, dark floors are not recommended for small rooms, as they tend to make them even smaller, so light floors would be a better option that still helps achieve the rustic look. Ultimately, it is you who decides, as any shade can be used in order to match the rustic look.

Wooden Floors


Solid wood is the perfect floor for a rustic style, as it is made of natural material, and wood gives an authentic touch to the place. You have the choice of many types of wood, with the most common being oak flooring. However, real wood floors can be a bit pricey, so you may use cheaper alternatives such as laminate flooring or vinyl flooring. Although those floors don’t have the same life span as wood flooring, they are a great way of getting your dream look even when your budget is a bit tight.

Sturdy Fabrics


When incorporating interior decorations, such as cushions or rugs to the look, you should stick again to the use of natural and sturdy elements. If you are wondering what fabrics you should go for, cotton, linen and wool are the best examples. These materials give that natural look that makes a house more homely by creating a welcoming atmosphere.

So there you have it, some tips that will help you get the rustic look. Of course you should adapt the look to match with your personal taste, but we hope this post can be a bit of guidance for you!